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Welcome to the online portfolio of Alex Kalkatos, professional game developer.

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Programming Projects

These are projects I've been working in recent years. I am a big fan of card and board games, so my personal projects tend to be influnced by experiences playing games from those genres.

Serverless Game Architecture

A multiplayer turn-based game architecture to run games on a serverless backend. The game implemented is rock-paper-scissors for the Azure Functions platform, but the code is modular enough to change the game and the service provider more easily.

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Cardgame Framework

A framework for Unity that implements a rules engine to ease up the development of card and board games with setup using a custom scripting language.

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Professional Projects

As a professional programmer, I have worked on a variety of hyper-casual mobile games across many genres. Some of them are listed below:

Adventure Miner

A hyper casual game about mining and collecting ores.

My Role

I worked as a programmer, from code architecture to the development and maintenance of game systems.

It can be played on Google Play, App Store, and

And other hyper-casual games that only went through the CPI testing phase. Namely, P.O.W. Rescue Mission, Mole Heist, Burrow Blast, Train Miner, Footvolley, Bullseye Balloons, Blob Drive, Bounce Tower Puzzle, Photobomber, Tennis Demolition and Hungry Mole.

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